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For end users

New ways to interact with Vending Machines, take a closer look. 

Buy with Luope BuyOn 5:29

No coins? No problem, buy from your smartphone.

Buy with MBway 3:20

Quick, easy and safe, without the need of aditional apps.

Buy with Luope Card 6:45

Ideal for companies and schools.

Buy with ChatBot 5:29

Get close to machine, choose what you want. Start purchasing.

How to report a problem 3:20

Having trouble? Report it and all will be solved.

For Vending Operators

Upgrade your Knowlegde
with Learning Center

You’ll be able to access a wide range of information, manuals, data sheets, videos and much more. Everything you need to know about Luope, your machines and coin changers.

Learning Center

Changing the way Vending Business is Managed

New models for Vending based in Artificial Intelligence

The future of the Vending Machines