Let’s Change How the

Vending Business is Managed

Luope is an intelligent Vending Machine Management solution that allows the operator to have global and integrated control of the company's entire value chain through the most advanced analysis and forecasting tools.

Intelligent Operations

Eliminate unnecessary visits, reduce operating costs, avoid waste and ensure the optimum quantity of product on the machines.

Smart Vending Machines

Much more than telemetry. Vending machines that work in symbiosis with the operation and creates new interactions with clients.

Product Control

Analyze the past and predict the future. Luope is smarter with each passing day.

Financial Control

All money checked and mapped. Delete deviations.

Automated Tasks and Activities

Save time by creating automatic processes.

Optimized Visits

You can significantly reduce supply times by increasing daily employee productivity

Dynamic Technical Assistance

Machine downtime equals less sales. Identify and solve errors faster. Increase profitability.

Artificial Intelligence for Vending

Analyze the past and predict the future. Luope is smarter with each passing day.

New payment methods

Never miss a sale. Provide new loyalty and payment methods to your customers.

All features


Organize all workers’ activities in operations, which can go from one to multiple days. Create work process standards for a better controlling and planning of all tasks.

Operations Managment | Intelligent Operations | Scheduled operations

Technical Assistance

Reduce the downtime of your machines by integrating technical assistance on your daily operations. Dynamical technical support through quick communication via telemetry and assignment of the nearest worker at the moment of the event.

Dynamic Technical Assistance | Preventive Technical Assistance | Support Management

Products and Stock

Smart control of all stocks at warehouses, vehicles and machines. Reduce you stock and know when it’s strictly necessary to order and avoid waste. Real time control of deviations both in vehicles and machines.

Product Management | Composite Products | Fresh Produce | Product Control

Activities Control And Management

Manage the everyday schedule of your workers´tasks. Either define it yourself or let Luope AI analyze ir for you.

Vehicle Loading | Vehicle Unloading | Visits | Cargo Transfer | Vehicle Inventory | Quality and Cleaning | Brakes

Task Management

Simple tasks created by the intelligence feature in the Luope system, to help you never forget even the simplest tasks when you are visiting a costumer. Telemetry based tasks and operations.

Product Refilling | Cash Withdrawals | Technical Support | Machine and Coin Changer Inventory | Visual Support

Routes and Groups

Organize your machines in routes or groups. Take you business to the next level by associating a route and a warehouse manager. The system is designed to grow as your company grows.

Operation Management | Intelligent Operations | Scheduled Operations

Vending Machines

Get access to all available information regarding your vending machines such as settings, payment system flow, stocks, errors, technical assistances, and much more. Know every inch of your machine and profit from every information.

Statistics | Price Settings | Task Scheduling | Profitability


Access the profile of each one of your clients to obtain all information about profitability, machine organization, price sheets and documentation management. Know in real time what improvements must be made.

Transparency | Vending Spots | Price Sheets | Documentation


Manage your purchases, stocks and compare prices. Know when, where and whom to buy from.

Product Availability | Price Comparison | Luope Store | Stock Management


All your logistic operations organized by warehouses. Associated with routes or groups, Luope is the only solution in the market that allows your business to grow allowing you to focus on the expansion of your company.

Location | Stock Movement | Costs | Stock Management


Stay informed with everthing that you need to know about your vehicles, repairs, fuel consumption, stocks, mileage, and more. Must know information for a smart management of your vehicles. The system will even alert you when it´s time to take your fleet for maintenance.

Loading | Unloading | Returns | Maintenance | Mileage | Costs


Analyze the performance of all your workers through document information, costs management, goals achieved and tasks completed.

Attendance | Routes | Documentation | Tasks


Secure the freshness of all your products by automatically creating sale restrictions for out-of-date products. Luope locks down a product if it goes out of date or it doesn’t meet HACCP standards.

Reports | Maintenance Scheduling | Results | Water Analyzis

Financial Control

Advanced telemetry allows you to know exactly how much money you have on your machines in order to avoid money losses and deviances.

Value Transfer | Documentation | Balance Reports | Profitability

Invoicing and Reports

Luope automatically creates all the documents needed so that your business runs within the financial and commercial law. Our software is fully certified and authenticated.

Biller | Transportation Clearances | Transparency | Reports

Business Intelligence

You can create your own control center, and get access to all the information, statistics and reports, anywhere and every time you need.

Statistics | Reports | Accountability | Smart Management

Artificial Intelligence

This is the core of our system. It learns more everyday and analyzes all machines constantly, allowing you to get all available information, taking your business productivity to another level.

Dynamic Routes| Tasks | Technical Assistance | Deviances


Use geographical references to get a global view on all of machines. Quickly identify if a vending spot isn’t working or presenting any issues.

Reduced Downtime | Third Party Services | Geographical references | Machine Location

Digital Wallets

This puts you one step ahead of the competition. Whether it’s in a factory or at school, we have the ideal solutions for payment methods. It allows you to connect to external API’s and implement rules of purchase. Power up your sales with our digital wallets.

LUOPE CARD | Purchase Control | Special conditions | Schools and Industry


Full transparency when it comes to analyzing machines, sales reports and documentation, making sure you and your clients work together to boost sales and adapt to meet consumers demands. It also offers the possibility to keep track of all technical operations assigned to external companies.

Mediation for Technical Assistance | Mediation for Partners | Mediation for Suppliers

Mobile Payments

The future of vending machines. With our app, your customers can pay in more than one way, locate the nearest machine and send you reports regarding malfunctions.

Luope BuyOn | Luope LoyaltyCard | MBway